Meet the New Relay Foods

If you’ve been shopping Relay since our humble beginnings, you’ve seen us grow operationally. You’ve seen us expand the number of farmers and shops we partner with. And you’ve seen us, like anyone going through growth spurts and the changes of youth, try on a few different looks before settling on our mature style.

Without further ado, here’s where we (working with our fabulous design team) are headed over the next few months:

While we still have a ways to go as a company, we like to think we’re growing up as a brand. Not only are we more sure of who we are, we’re more sure of who you, our customers, are and how we can best go about serving you with our brand.

Over the next few months, you’ll see us roll out changes — incrementally at first, but then you’ll see big, bold shifts. The philosophy visually expressed in our new logo, the new look for our mascots, and our photography will drive everything we develop here at Relay.

We’re hoping for our interactions with you, the communications and images you find on our site, and the food we offer to be engaging (like a handwritten note from a friend), honest, and transparent.

We’ve come a long way baby…

So what do you think of our new look?


  1. I love relay but the combination of the font and mascot draw a strong association with chick-fil-a, which seems like a brand that represents the opposite of what relay does!


  2. Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for your thoughts there. I see where you make the association. Thankfully our logo mark is only an identifier of our own great promise to bring great quality food and simple life to more people. Our work will shine through and help our mark to stand out. Overall I think you’ll see that the brand we’re pulling together is nothing like Chik-fil-a.

    This is a good reminder to keep that distinction alive.

    Creative Director at Relay Foods


    • (I’ll just peep in here and say that there are worse companies you could be mistaken for – customer-service-wise – than C-F-A.) You guys are doing a great job in that sense – my every interaction with anything to do with Relay is oozing with great customer support and interaction!

      Glad to see you growing and building on a wonderful base. We’ll do our best to support you here in Richmond!


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