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Eating Seasonally in the Mid-Atlantic

In Season Now: Blueberries
In Season Now: Blueberries

There are few things more delightful than eating plump, juicy, indigo blue berries. Sweet and sometimes tart, blueberries are a quintessential early-s…

In Season Now: Asparagus

The first verdant, succulent stalks of asparagus herald the beginning of spring, bringing a tender crunch and delicate, sweet flavor to seasonal salad…


Knife Care 101
Knife Care 101

The most important cog in your kitchen machine is brain—your brain to be exact (not calf brain, sorry sweetbreads enthusiasts)—and being prepared, edu…

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Staff Pick: thinkThin Bars

thinkThin High Protein Bars have quickly become a favorite item of mine. It…


Staff Pick: Salmon Bundles – Catch All Three!

Today's staff pick comes to us from Jen Hawse, our Regional Market Manager …

Staff Pick: Strawberries and Cream

Staff Pick: Berries and Cream

We can’t be the only ones who have had this haunting “berries a…

Almond Butter

Staff Pick: Relay’s Own Almond Butter

There are a handful of items I have on Refill, and this is one of them. Rel…

Staff Pick: Roots Hummus

Staff Pick: Roots Hummus

Today’s staff pick comes to you from Max Daniller, a Brand Ambassador…



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